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Kristin Szlinis LMT

Kristin specializes in Rolfing®Structural Integration, Massage,and Pilates. She has 15+ years in studying  pain management, improving mobility and creating impactful change in the body. 

Through  individualized sessions,  you are guaranteed to feel better.


"I really thought pain was just apart of my life, it's amazing that it's just gone now!" - Client Testimonial 



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Rolfing is a series of sessions that targets the root cause of pain by addressing soft tissue, habitual movement patterns and posture.



Personalized massage to fit your needs. From Swedish to deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching and more.  



 A low impact exercise method that improves postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance

What our clients say

"Rolfing has done so much for me it's just surreal. I feel like a new person! Kristin as been able to work with me, and has helped me in so many ways. I have scoliosis, and because of that I have dealt with back pain for years. The back pain I experienced daily is gone. I am able to breathe easier, take larger breaths even.  My center of gravity has changed; when I stand I can feel myself settle into that new center. Rolfing has by far exceeded my expectations!"

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