Imagine moving with ease.

The kind of youthful ease and strength that doesn’t make you second guess your capabilities. 

Yoga Stretches


**Due to COVID all classes are now virtual. Please contact us for the Zoom link**

Monday 7:30 pm

30-minute abs/glutes 

Thursday 7 pm

60-minute full-body mat Pilates

This class will focus on both mobility and strength

Have a small group of friends and want your own class? Contact me for details! 

ALL sessions limited to 10 participants

Pilates is an exercise program that values quality movement above all else.

Building on, then strengthening basic movement patterns pilates gets harder as you get stronger. 

Pilates is practiced on both a mat and on specialized equipment. 

This unique fitness solution doesn't focus on exercise but instead focuses on teaching you how to feel, listen and move your body in a productive healthy way - from the center out.

Profound results include:

improved strength and posture

decreased pain

permanent injury rehabilitation

improved body awareness and emotional regulation

improved flexibility

killer abs

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do the things you love - better

Pilates creates an evenly conditioned, toned body.

Pilates sessions incorporate full-body strengthening moves. These slow, intentional movements will re-train you to use more efficient movement patterns helping you do what you love, better. 

It's no wonder many professional sports teams, elite athletes, actors, and models consider Pilates a critical part of their training regimen.