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Very good massage, she is very good and professional definitely she her again 



man 9

Rolfing has done so much for me it's just surreal. I feel like a new person! Kristin as been able to work with me, and has helped me in so many ways. I have scoliosis, and because of that I have dealt with back pain for years. The back pain I experienced daily is gone. I am able to breathe easier, take larger breaths even. She was able to work with my feet and legs; I no longer need to wear arch supports. I had been dependent on them for so long. If I didn't have my arch supports in, I had pain in my legs and hips. This is the first summer I'm actually really excited for! I can wear flip flops or sandals, I don't have to worry about not wearing the arch supports, I no longer have aching pain. I have found myself walking differently; I have more fluid movement. My center of gravity has changed; when I stand I can feel myself settle into that new center. Rolfing has by far exceeded my expectations! 

I have told several coworkers and relatives about my experience with Rolfing; I have recommended it to them all. When someone mentions they have pain, or chronic pain, I ask if they've thought about Rolfing. I tell them all how it has helped me in so many ways, even changed my life. Without Kristin and the Rolfing series, I would be stuck in my old daily cycle of pain. It's amazing the things we just adapt to, then with some bodywork everything changes. 

-Holly, Respiratory Therapist

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